A Little Bit More About Me

A Little Bit More About Me

I have recently retired as a practising UK midwife, I am a Hypnobirthing Teacher, a Wife, Mum, Grandma and Dog owner (ordered that way for your interest, rather than in one of importance). I’m also lucky enough to have a close family and lots of really good friends who encourage me in my continued quest to help women have a positive birth experience. My increasing age and long experience has deemed me a little bit of a ‘wise woman’ (note I leave out the ‘old’). Since my retirement, almost every day someone has said ‘aww such a waste, all that learning and experience’ and in a way, I agree (although I am loving a bit of doing what I want, when I want).


I have had a wonderful career and feel privileged to have shared one of life’s most special events with so many. Birthing women have never failed to amaze me and I remain in awe of the birth process. Hence…how can I completely give up while energy persists!


So what can you expect from this blog?


It is said ‘knowledge is power’. I believe, the more you understand birth, the more likely you are to have the birth you want. Fear acquired through ‘hear say’ and from the unknown, starts a cycle of unwanted yet avoidable problems. If you go into labour unprepared and not necessarily at your fittest then your body is stimulated to protect you, rather than focus on the single task of giving birth.


“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie


I would like to help you feel comfortable about birth…even relax and look forward to it! I’ll keep it simple and practical and hopefully give you some understanding of how your body works during birth and how you can best work with it. I am not writing as a Midwife but as a ‘Wise Woman’ with a lot of experience around birth. Read around the subject and take in others views. If you are unsure of how information relates to you or your chosen birth place, ask your Midwife or Obstetrician. If you really want to prepare, attend a KG Hypnobirthing Course!


In my experience, women can’t generally see ‘past the birth’…so through wisdom and in true Jedi style I’m going to get your attention by starting my blog at full term pregnancy and explain the confusing Latent Phase of Labour. I will go back in time to earlier pregnancy plans and preparation in future blogs and maybe stop along the way for anything birth related and topical.


All information is based on you as a healthy woman having a normal pregnancy, going into labour yourself at 37- 42 weeks with no other concerns.


I do not intend to write a full antenatal education programme, just provide practical tips with some understanding about the things which in my experience really confuse women. Always seek advice from your midwife concerning waters breaking, bleeding, or any other signs, symptoms or concerns regarding your pregnancy.


Hope you find it helpful. x




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